The Human Rights Impacts of Fracking Report - Co-authored by Bridget

The Human Rights Impacts of Fracking Report - Co-authored by Bridget - MISE TUSA

In May 2021, Bridget and her colleague Rowan, postgraduate law students at the NUIG Irish Centre for Human Rights, published their research report and summary report, finding that fracking is incompatible with states’ human rights law obligations under numerous treaties.

This short video explains the environmentally destructive process of fracking, watch here.

Based on their research and findings that the dangers posed by fracking cannot be mitigated through regulation, the students are campaigning for Ireland to sponsor a UN General Assembly resolution calling for a global ban on fracking. At the launch event of the report, we heard from communities all over the world who have been impacted by fracking. 

Human rights impacts of fracking 

Since then, the report has been featured in The Journal, Green News Ireland, and the summary report has been translated into Spanish.

Bridget Geoghegan, one of the report’s authors, said that the proposed resolution outlines that fracking is an “inherently harmful extraction process that has global impacts no matter where it is conducted”.

“No amount of regulation can adequately address all the problems that fracking causes,” she said, adding that the proposed resolution is in line with principles outlined in the State’s new policy statement on fracked gas imports. - The Journal.