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Let's be Honest

Fashion can be dirty and nowadays it can be hard to distinguish between honest commitments to do better and marketing greenwashing. Even with the best intentions, a design business achieving full sustainability is undoubtedly a challenge but a challenge we must all rise to. As a small Irish business, we have taken several steps to root craft, community and environment as the foundation for what we do. We continue to educate ourselves on what we can do better and look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Not perfect, but making progress

We are conscious of labelling ourselves as a 'sustainable brand', because in the fashion industry sustainability means everything and nothing, and is often used without any real evidence to back it up. Rather than rely on a often misleading label, our commitment is this:

Make good choices, continually seek to learn more and do better with the goal of achieving true sustainability and ethical supply chains, and to be honest about our progress.

We are a small family business that want to do the best we can and we won't sugar coat our journey. If you ever have any feedback, questions or suggestions for us, please do get in touch at info@misetusa.ie.

Socially minded

We're not just in business to make money. Our mission is to nourish individuality in all women, supporting a feeling of confidence and connection. With craft, community and environment as our key pillars, we consider these elements in all decision. We believe in the value that craft and culture brings, the importance of developing a supportive community and our need to be custodians of earth.

We also work with the National Learning Network to provided workplace training to individuals with disabilities. For online orders with utilise offset which works to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the shipments by donating a percentage of the sale to restoring forests. We are currently educating ourselves more on mitigation measures, as prevention is better than trying to make up for it.

Buy less, buy better

Due to over-consumption of poor quality and unethical fashion, in 2019 208 million pounds of single-wear garments ended up in landfill. We want to break that cycle.

As part of the slow fashion movement, we consciously create high quality, stylish and versatile pieces that are designed to stand the test of time.

Know who made your clothes

In the past it would have been common to shop locally and know who made your clothes, but nowadays this is a rarity. We thoughtfully design and create all Mise Tusa pieces in our West of Ireland studio. By designing and making our pieces in-house and being direct-to-consumer, we reduce the excess transportation of goods compared to other labels, helping the environment and price of our pieces.

Limited quantities and made to order

The over-production of garments is one of the fashion industry's most polluting activities. Did you know, some brands burn unsold clothes or throw them into landfill?

By choosing to make our pieces ourselves rather than outsource production, we have full control over the process and quantities produced. This allows us to be reactive and significantly minimise waste compared to if we were locked into minimum production quantity agreements.

Better Fabric

Another of fashions polluting activity is at the first stage of the fashion cycle - fabric production. It is an exciting time in the industry, as there is so much innovation happening and people working together to come up with better solutions.

We have started to work with luxury industry offcuts, organic, vintage or recycled materials, something we continue to build on each season.

Minimising Waste

We are very passionate about minimising waste so we design and cut in a process that minimises off cut fabric. Where there is off-cut fabric, this is turned into hair scrunchies, hair bands or to create a meditation cushion. All sales of our meditation cushions will be going to our carefully selected charities.

Support Local

Supporting local business is good for our community and economy. We design and make our pieces in our West of Ireland studio, this provides rewarding jobs in our community and boosts our local economy. We also work with various local business partners in all aspects of our business, from sourcing materials, packaging, trades people and marketing.

Better packaging

Our garment labels are made from OEKO-TEX® and GOTS certified organic cotton, and are ethically produced in Europe.

Our natural kraft bags are from an Irish based company and are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable (just remove the rope handle).

Our ecomm boxes and mailers are made from 100% recycled paper. These boxes are ethically made in a certified European factory.

Our Tote bags are made from premium 100% organic cotton which is OCS100 and GOTS certified. Our tote bags are printed locally in Kilcolgan by Eoin at Top Print.

The card that comes with online orders is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Our business cards, swing tags and postcards are made from from finely woven Italian paper which is FSC-certified and certified by Rainforest Alliance We hope to find cards made locally of recycled material for our next order. Our stickers are paper not plastic.

Our tissue paper is sourced from UK and is made from 70% recycled paper, and is 100% recycalable.

We used brown paper packing tape instead of plastic sellotape, sourced from the UK.

We rarely use garment bags, but the ones we use are 100% biodegradable poly bags sourced in Ireland. These bags decompose within 2-3 years.

More work to do

We recognise that these steps alone are not enough and we will continue to make improvements and to update you on our progress. Read our journal to follow our journey here.