Questions to ask before you buy

Questions to ask before you buy - MISE TUSA

We fully support the buy less, buy better movement. We have complied some questions we believe are important to ask ourselves before we buy something. These questions offer a moment to reflect when making a purchase and enables us to consume in a more conscious and considered way. 

Do I have something similar, can I borrow or buy it second hand?

We considered the first question being 'do I need this?', but in reality many of us already have far more than we truly need with most purchases being out of want rather than need. In light of this, before you buy consider if this is something you need to buy new. Maybe you have something similar in your wardrobe or a perhaps a friend does? Is it something that you would be able to find in a second-hand or vintage store? 

Is this an impulse buy?

Trust me, we've all been there. The thrill of purchasing something new, perhaps without being fully aware of what we're doing. If you aren't totally sure of what you're buying or think you might be caught up in the rush of something new,  it's worth taking a breather to decide whether or not this is an impulse buy. 

Will I wear this piece 30 times?

Three out of five fast fashion items end up in a landfill and the average lifespan of fast fashion items is just seven wears. Prompting the start of the 30 wears challenge. By questioning whether we will wear something 30 times it encourages us to invest in quality pieces that we can wear over and over again with less items ending up in the landfill.

Am I confident in the quality and craftsmanship of this piece? 

In order to be able to wear something at least 30 times, the piece needs to be of good quality. The quality of an item is based on the materials used and craftsmanship and skill behind the design and creation. Investing in quality is one of the best ways we can ensure the longevity of our pieces. 

Does this piece work with my lifestyle?

Our lifestyle plays a big part in what we wear, something which been highlighted during COVID-19, where many of us traded in our boots for slippers and jeans for leggings. When buying something new it is worth considering your lifestyle. Such factors can include: climate, work environment, the activities you spend your time on.

Does this spark joy?

At Mise Tusa we are big fans of Marie Condo and her 'does this spark joy?'  really resonated with us. We believe in investing in pieces that we truly love and sparks joy within us. While clothing has a function, fashion and good design can spark joy within us and is a form of creative self-expression. Perhaps it's a colourful coat that makes you smile or a super soft top that feels oh-so good on the body, whatever it may be, only invest your money on what makes you feel good. 

Will I love this piece in years to come?

Similar to previous question but with a more long term focus. Essentially, will this piece spark joy in a few years or is it a trend item that you'll no longer want? One way to ensure the longevity of an item in your wardrobe is to purchase pieces that reflect your individual style rather than a momentary trend. As Yves Saint Laurent is quoted as saying, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Does the brand align with my values? 

Changing the industry shouldn't have to fall on the shoulders of individuals consumers. Global and national action is needed to address the issues of consumerism, human rights violations and environmental injustice that can be found in the complex global supply chain of most industries. Having said this, where we chose to spend our money does have an impact and by taking a moment to consider the pocket in which our money is going can help us decide who it is we want to support. Of course, not all of us will always be in a position to do so, but doing this where we can makes a difference.